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Industry Visits

Kipya organizes for professionals to make field visits to study specific industry technologies first hand. The study visits are both locally and international.

Technology Transfer

Kipya has deployed project-basedĀ personnel across Africa to work with clients in the transfer of technical skills. We also seek to localize technologies by working with companies to start up the production and manufacture of semifinished or finished products. This enables the creation of quality jobs.

The Future is Africa

With a young population and growing economies, Africa is poised to be a major contributor to the global economy. There is a need to provide training in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) to meet the growing demand for industrialization. Kipya is at the forefront of connecting professionals to businesses in Africa through the provision of world-class knowledge.

Outline Map of Africa - Kipya Operations - as at May 2021

Kipya Africa
Countries of Operation

United Kingdom - June 2013

United Kingdom Offshore Study Tour
June 2013

Garissa - Aug 2015

Garissa Tech.
Transfer, Aug. 15

Rig Mast - Mar 2016

Ethiopia Rig ,
Mar. 2016

Ethiopia - Mar 2016

Ethiopia Rig Technology Transfer – Mar 2016

Germany Study Tour - May 2018

Germany Study Tour & Technology Transfer – May 2018

Kericho Water and Sewerage Company - July 2019

Kericho Water and Sewerage Company Study Tour
July 2019